How does psychotherapy work?
The true success of psychotherapy lies within the relationship that develops between client and therapist. In psychotherapy, clients have the opportunity to explore their true feelings, realize their internal strengths, and develop strategies to make positive changes in their lives. A decision to enter treatment is the first step on the way to psychological and emotional healing.

How long should I visit a therapist?
Since each person comes to therapy for different reasons, determining the length of treatment will depend on each client. It ranges from 6 to 8 sessions for brief treatment to long-term therapy of one or two years.

How long is each therapy session?
Each appointment is 45 minutes in length for individual, couple, and family. A group psychotherapy session last 90 minutes.

How will I benefit from counseling?
In therapy, clients discover ways to successfully alleviate their symptoms and become emotionally secure in their everyday lives. See the benefits page for specific symptoms.

Are therapy sessions confidential?
The client-therapist relationship is protected by the laws of confidentiality: No verbal or written information regarding any client will ever be released without the client’s written permission. There are a few exceptions to this law, such as instances of child abuse, domestic violence or if the client becomes a danger to him or herself or endangers others. In rare cases, the law may require that information be given in regard to state grievance board actions or by other court orders.

How do I find a therapist that is right for me?
It’s extremely important to find a therapist that you’re comfortable with. Kathy Reedy has written several articles on the critical decision that you may read here.

Do all therapists have the same credentials?
Absolutely not. Be sure to ask to see a therapists credentials. If they’re not licensed and certified in an area of practice relevant to your situation, it’s best to move on to finding a therapist with the skills that will be most beneficial to your well-being.

What if my insurance company isn’t a participating carrier or I don’t have insurance?
Kathy is happy to negotiate a fee with you.

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