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General therapy is an experience that allows us to examine the past, present, and future in order to improve our way of living. It’s Kathy’s belief that with therapy comes enlightment of a clearer decision making process, thus producing wonderful results and a happier life.


The classic form of psychotherapy is a one-on-one contact with the client and the therapist. Group therapy, however, is a form of treatment that involves the simultaneous treatment of two or more clients and may require one or more therapists. Furthermore, group therapy encompasses many of the techniques that are utilized in individual psychotherapy, but on a larger scale.
Group therapy can be used as an alternative, or in conjunction with, individual psychotherapy. In a therapeutic group setting, people often feel a sense of connection with other members of the group, a feeling of mutual support and assistance, and experience a decreased sense of loneliness as they work together to form solutions as one united whole.

There are a variety of group therapies and each reflects a certain dimension of which it is categorized. The primary dimension is the type of people that form a particular group for a therapeutic setting. For instance, in couples therapy and family therapy, the various members have a previous relationship, though in most therapeutic group settings the members are initially strangers. Moreover, different groups share different characteristics in order to reach a common goal for the entire body. Certain groups may be formed to treat clients with similar psychological disturbances, treat pregnant women, or to comfort clients who have similar therapeutic goals.

Therapeutic groups also vary in the methodology of treatment techniques, the frequency of meetings, and whether or not the therapist will have a role in the group. There are some groups that involve the therapist in acting out a passive role as well as others that recognize the therapist as the group leader. More importantly, the group may focus on either interrelationships and the dynamics of communication or on the individual person. Groups are organized in order to provide assistance in solving problems and, more importantly, provide techniques to prevent future troubles.

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